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If you don’t have the time or simply don’t want to take care personally of the research for your first home, of your villa for your holidays or your investment.


Our service of Property Finder is what you need.


This new professional figure is specialized in search of buildings on commissioning and not being bound only to a real estate agency has a more complete overview on everything that the market can offer and select the various proposals seeking to fulfill the dreams and needs of your customer.


Our strong point is the Lake Garda, but thanks to an intense and productive collaboration with agencies located in different Italian regions, we are able to expand our research.


As Property finding we offer the following services: we listen and analyze the needs of our customer; we seek and select properties that meet the demands and trying to let you spend less time as possible and making your search pleasant, real estate consultancy specializing, we place at your disposal a network of experts (notary, architect or engineer , project manager, construction companies, craftsmen) that will be at your side in each phase of the sale or lease and in any renovation work. The remuneration for the service of Property Finder is equal to 3% in addition to statutory VAT on the purchase price and equal to 20,00% plus VAT, calculated on the basis of the rent of the building, are obviously extra any advice to third parties.