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..What is Home Staging...?


It’s the art of transforming the property of those who want to sell or rent in short times and at the best price.

Once your property is put on the market shall enter into competition with all those sold in the same area and with the same price.

The sale in general is based on the image and on emotion.

In fact it is proved that people decide to buy a house or other  they are based very much on emotion that this gives, in the first 90 seconds  then it’s  very important to set up a staged which emphasizes all the positives of the property.


It isn’t enough to clean to make a building attractive.


You must create the right color harmonies and furnishings, by following a few basic rules:

- Don’t customize to make the environment fresh, in order, but especially neutral.

- small maintenance operations to repair any defects.

- refresh with new painting, if necessary.

- Clean deeply and perfume environments.

- rearrange spaces and environments also by entering new furnishings, if need.

- "staging" with small contrivances and accessories.


All this just  to attract the attention of a greater number of customers affected.


...What does the home stager...?


Our work begins with a survey and the realization of a photographic service on actions that are to be made.

After a careful analysis of the various environments we will deliver you a book project with the recommended actions with relative cost estimate.

After having agreed the interventions to be made before the sale, we proceed to the realization.


..how much does an intervention of Home Staging...?


" an intervention of home staging costs less and less of the first reduction that you going to do"


At the time that you decide to sell your house is always  good  to remember this point    because before you can sell less will certainly costs which will encounter.


Normally the cost of an intervention of Home Staging ranges from 1 % to 4 % of the value of the property, but that it must be considered an investment that will help you sell before and at the best price.